Mary Keldermans

Lent: New Life or Guilt?

by Bishop Mary Keldermans What do you think of when you think of the season of Lent? Gloom? No meat? Giving up candy, soda or ice cream? Crowns of thorns? Stations of the Cross?  Lent used to be that way for me until I started to teach our Catholic Faith to folks who wanted to […]

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Fifteenth Week of Ordinary Time

A lawyer stood before Jesus to put him to the test and said,“Teacher, what must I do to inherit everlasting life?” Jesus answered,“What is written in the Law? How do you read it?” The expert on the Law replied:“You must love the Most High Godwith all your heart,with all your soul,with all your strengthand with

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Synodality in Central Illinois

As part of the great worldwide Synod on Synodality that Pope Francis summoned all members to take part in beginning in 2021, members of Holy Family have formed a leadership team to create a series of listening/sharing sessions for anyone (inside the community and beyond) who wants to participate, particularly those who feel unheard or

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Fifth Week of Ordinary Time

I’d like to go back in the way back machine to January to January 8, 2022. We celebrated the baptism of Jesus. I spoke of our baptism, of the perks of being baptized.  I would like to repeat a little of my homily that I gave that day, although I know you all remember it

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Baptism of Jesus

Jesus got baptized? Well, not really.The answer lies in some of the scripture we have heard these past weeks. Remember the second week of Advent when our locust eating friend, John the Baptist was at the river preaching repentance? He was performing the Jewish ritual of mikveh. It was a spiritual cleansing. Once a person

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Second Week of Advent

In the gospel of Luke, we don’t get much of a physical description of John the Baptist. We get more of his place in history with the description of who was in political power at the time of John’s ministry. Writers Mark and Matthew give us the description, of how odd (to our way of

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First Week of Advent

I hope when I was just proclaiming the gospel you said to yourself “Self, I think she is reading the same gospel we heard on the 33rd Sunday of Ordinary time. That one was written by Mark.” And I would tell you, you are correct! On that Sunday I talked about apocalyptic writings such as

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Christ the King Sunday

If one had to describe Jesus from all that we have learned about him, from what we have experienced with him, I’m pretty sure “king” wouldn’t be among the descriptors. But here we are celebrating the feast of Christ the King, calling this man a king, a title he most certainly would have shunned, this

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29th Week of Ordinary Time

Way back in ancient times, I think it was in the 1990’s, Steve and I attended one of his office Christmas parties. These were fancy affairs, only one step removed from black tie. The cocktail hour was first. During that time people would decide where they would sit. Women would put their purses at that

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Let The Church Say “Amen!”

I find I can sum up my experience of my Episcopal Ordination on September 4, 2021 by the closing remarks I gave at the liturgy: You may not have heard the creaking sounds, the groaning sounds underneath all the praying, the music, the singing and laughter we’ve just experienced. Those sounds are what it sounds

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