March 2022

Fourth Week of Lent

Prodigal Son Reflection When I first started teaching in 1955, our pastor was a bit of tyrant and he demanded that every student in the school of about 800 students, learn the three laws of memory and be ready to recite them when he asked…this was kindergarten to 8th grade. In case you have forgotten […]

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Third Week of Lent

Samaritan Woman at the Well Who is God? What is God like? How do we describe God? Does God change? Today’s readings challenge our concepts of God. With all that we have read and prayed and studied over our lifetimes, today might be an appropriate day to challenge how we think about God. First and

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First Week of Lent

Lent rolls around every year, but for most Christians, it is less like a birthday and more like a flu vaccination. We know Lent is necessary, that it’s good for us in much the same way vegetables might be. We’ve heard all the preachers’ clichés as to how it makes the joy of Easter possible,

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