Music Ministry at Holy Family

Our continuously evolving Music Ministry Team at Holy Family Inclusive Catholic Community assists with accompanying and guiding the songs at music for our weekly Masses, Holy Days, and celebrations of the Sacraments.

The music group consists of a choir, pianist, and guitarists. Occasionally, we switch up or add instruments such as drums/percussion, bass or electric guitar, clarinet, and sax. We are always looking to add more voices and instruments to our joyful noise.

Thoughts from some of our Music Ministers:

“For me, music at Holy Family is a deep and profound form of prayer. It is not about the individual, but rather a nurturing of one another’s gifts, joining those gifts, and using them to pray in a way only music can allow.” Melissa

“Having been involved in Holy Family’s music since 2016, I am excited to be part of a growing music ministry. Playing, singing, and praying together, we have become a part of something greater than ourselves. It is what brings me joy.” Deb

“Singing makes me feel what can’t be put into words easily. It is what makes me feel alive, happy, and connected with my soul, my self, and my Holy Family community.” Di