Community Outreach

Prayer Blankets

We have a supply of hand knit throw blankets for folks facing a serious illness or a trying time in their lives. Our community blesses each blanket specifically for a person and remembers them in prayer during each Mass. We hope our blankets are a reminder of God’s constant presence and that they are surrounded in prayer. If you or someone you know could use a prayer blanket, please contact Bishop Mary, Rev. Katherine or any member of Holy Family.

When I was Hungry You Gave Me To Eat….

Near the entrance drive of Holy Family is a cabinet- a micro pantry- that our community stocks daily. We take care to provide protein, vegetables, cereal, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene items, cookies and small treats for children. Sadly, we know hunger never takes a break. We can always use donations of food or money. If you would care to make a donation to our micro-pantry, please contact Bishop Mary, Rev. Katherine of any member of Holy Family.