wedding rings

Are you getting married? Congratulations!  We would love to help plan and celebrate a Catholic liturgy with you!    A wedding is an important milestone in your life. At Holy Family, we believe it is only the beginning (an important beginning!) to a lifelong, loving marriage. With that in mind, if you choose Holy Family Inclusive Catholic Community to have your wedding liturgy, the focus of all of the planning will be on your marriage. We will meet with you several times to get to know you, to answer questions and to   help you plan the Mass. We will help you pick Scripture readings you would like along with helping you pick the hymns for the Mass.  We can give you ideas if you want to write your own vows and help you plan the other details involved with your wedding liturgy.  

We are certain that the outdoors is God’s great Cathedral and so will be happy to celebrate your wedding outside if you like.  In keeping with the sacredness and holiness of a wedding, however, outside does not include having the ceremony underwater, on a sky glider, at the top of a Ferris wheel or the like.  Just so you don’t think we are anti-fun, you are welcome to partake in any of those activities as part of your reception!

Contact Rev. Mary via e-mail to ask any questions or setup a time to discuss things further.