Music Ministry

Holy Family’s music ministry provides the music for our Liturgies.  We are always looking for additional Parishioners willing to share their talents with us.  Below are some of the ways in which musicians can participate.

  • Cantor:  The role of the Cantor is to lead the congregation in song.  Usually the Cantor will sing alone with a piano or guitar player.  In the tradition of the catholic church, the Cantor is often third only to the Priest and the Deacon for singing various parts of the Mass.
  • Choir:  The Holy Family Choir forms for special liturgies including Christmas and Easter.  A willingness to make a joyful sound is all that is required.  All ability levels are welcome and encouraged to participate.
  • Accompanist:  The accompanist will accompany the Cantor and/or Choir generally on piano, guitar, or organ (when available).
  • Instrumentalists:  Instrumentalists on a variety of instruments are welcome to add their sounds to our music ministry.  Unfortunately our hymnals do not always have parts for all instruments so some improvisation may be necessary at times.

Please contact our music ministry for more information at