About the Pastor

Reverend Mary Keldermans was ordained a Roman Catholic priest on May 3, 2014 in Springfield, IL. 
Mary and her husband, Steve, have been married 41 years, are parents to six 
amazing young adults, parents-in-law to five wonderful people, and permissive and indulgent grandparents to seven above average grandchildren.

Mary felt called to ordination and to form a community where she and others like her could pray to God in a way that was nourishing and life giving. She felt called to form a community where all gifts were welcomed, and no person felt marginalized for who he or she was. She felt called to form a community that could be an oasis for her, and people like her, who knew there was something more than what the institutional church provided. And so, Holy Family Inclusive Catholic Community came into being. All members have answered God’s call in their own ways to form a community where all can pray authentically. They have heard Jesus say, “Follow me.”